Welcome to HolyBags®. HolyBags is a Christian fashion handbag ministry that's designed to spread the gospel and the word of Jesus Christ from the holy bible through fashion, jewelry, and products for the home. In Luke 12:33 God says "Provide purses for yourself that will not wear out" and "The Mary Tote Bag" answers the Lord's call to the faithful beautifully. At HolyBags we give all "Thanks and Praises" to God for providing beautiful designs through fashion, jewelry and home accessories to keep all of our minds, souls, hearts, and spirit on the word of God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Bible. The Bible says "For you are God's own handiwork recreated in Christ that you may do the good works that God predestined." (Ephesians 2:10) And in that sacred spirit the creative design team at HolyBags will design and provide by the will of God, fashion handbags, jewelry, and home accessories that will feature the Word, Bible scriptures, the Psalms, the Holy Cross and for members of the Catholic denomination, traditional and contemporary visual images of the Holy Family, the Virgin, Saints, and Angels. No matter your Christian denomination you will find a wonderful faith filled fashionable product at HolyBags. We thank you for your interest in HolyBags and remember "HolyBags, 'Carry The Word With You' because you need Jesus Everywhere".®

God Bless You,